JuicEcommerce is from the base up capable of multi-channel sales; all your sales-points from Web shops to marketplaces like eBay or Amazon or even in App sales are treated as channels. Channels can have different articles, price-calculations, shipping conditions but they are all controlled from one place.

Omni Channel

We don't stop there! Through integration of different payment gateways, just connect your bill-counter solution directly to JuicEcommerce, and manage in-store sales within the same platform.

Full Integration

JuicEcommerce is built to integrate into your business environment. Manage your articles from your preferred back-office solution, and synchronize your shop with constant updates on article data, prices, stock and customer data through real-time interfaces. In other words, when changing one article's attribute in your ERP, in a matter of seconds this information is distributed to all the configured channels.


There are currently ports for different ERP systems available, like SAP. From synchronization of Articles, Customers and Orders, to real-time price inquires are some of the capabilities.

Adjust to your requirements!

JuicEcommerce is built from ground up modularized, which allows easy extension and customization for your needs. Through a clear separation of independent services, distinct process and events the workflow can be manipulated and adjusted to your needs.

Content Provider

Import your article stock from content providers, ranging from texts, images, documents to prices. There is already a range of modules for several content providers available, sourcing data from IceCat, CNET and DCI

Blockchain – Digital Assets

JuicEcommerce is the first e-commerce solution designed for the sales and distribution of Digital Assets through blockchain technology. Digital Assets are issued and transferred on the Blockchain and distributed with standard e-commerce process, as easy as selling a real product.

Why Digital Assets

Digital Assets can be anything you define in your own business process. We group them in four general categories: “Tickets, Coupons, Vouchers and ID’s”.
You can define the total available amount when issuing a new Digital Asset, and monitor each transaction during its life-time as in any other e-commerce solution.


JuicEcommerce is based purely on an Microservices architecture. These separate entities and processes in small applications in its own environment.
Separation is as strong, as services can be hosted on different (remote) systems and connect automatically with an RPC layer provided by JuicEcommerce.


Through the provided separation, scaling independently different services, with Scaling-out strategies, is possible out of the box!

Copyright Protection

As a service developer you can only provide the client with an RPC wrapper of your JuicEcommerce Service. Hosting of your service is done by you!

Event Driven

JuicEcommerce processes are based on an event-driven architecture. This allows developers of modules and services, to listen and interact with those. The events allow monitoring of any kind of system process and procedures, service independent.


For even greater control, through the appliance of middleware patterns. The process can be interrupted and modified or even alternative routes implemented. This allows developers to change behaviour patterns according to their own needs, without touching any source-code of the core or services.

Dynamic Scheme

JuicEcommerce is not binding you to fixed properties/attributes of articles, nor customers! You can adjust the data fields with just a few clicks to fit your needs. No coding required!


Build with NodeJS, JavaScript (ES6) and written in TypeScript, we can provide clear interfaces for developers to easily and straightforward build custom extensions. The database system is MongoDB (NoSQL) using in-memory technologies for greater performance. This combination provides the power required for today's e-commerce solutions. API drivers for JavaScript jQuery, Angular and PHP are available open sources.